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Vault Export

Export and Reporting Capabilities
The Keeper Web Vault and Desktop application provide export and reporting capabilities. For consumer accounts, this is available for all users. On Enterprise accounts, this may be restricted by the Keeper Administrator.
For Enterprise users, role policies must allow export.
Export is located under Settings
Export Options

Export Options


Keeper's CSV format supports Folders, Subfolders and Shared Folders. CSV files can be imported and exported with Keeper.
File Format:
Folder,Title,Login,Password,Website Address,Notes,Shared Folder,Custom Fields
More information about Keeper's CSV format is available here.


The JSON format is structured as an array of Shared Folder objects, and an array of Record objects. The JSON format is compatible with Keeper's import tools and the Keeper Commander CLI.
More information about Keeper's JSON format is available here.


For a printer-friendly version of records, the PDF version is also available.
PDF Version
To print the PDF, click on the printer icon at the bottom:
Print the PDF output