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Import from Safari

Instructions on how to export/import records from Safari


To import from Safari, you must export your records first.
(1) From Safari, click on Safari > Settings then select the 'Passwords' tab.
(2) Select '...' then select 'Export All Passwords...'
(3) Save the Passwords.csv file.
Export Passwords from Safari 17+


(1) Log into the Keeper Web Vault or Desktop App
(2) Click on your account email in the upper right-hand corner.
(3) Click on Settings > Import.
(4) Choose Text file (.csv) from the list.
(5) Drag the exported file into the target window "Drop a File Here".
(6) Use the drop-down menu in each column to map to a Keeper field.
The mappings are as follows:
  • Title: Title
  • URL: URL
  • Login: Username
  • Password: Password
  • Notes: Notes
  • Two-Factor Code: OTPAuth
Safari Import Mappings
(8) Click on Import.