KeeperFill for IE

Installation and usage instructions for Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer (IE11) Installation Instructions

Download KeeperFill for IE from this link:

After installing Keeper for Internet Explorer, you may need to perform the following actions:

  1. Exit and restart the browser to activate Keeper.

  2. Right-click along the top bar and ensure Command bar is selected for display.

  3. Open Internet Explorer, click on Tools, then Internet Options.

  4. Click the Content tab.

  5. Click on Settings under AutoComplete.

  6. Disable User names and passwords on forms

Enable Command Bar
Internet Options
Content > Settings > User names and passwords OFF

IE11 - Trusted Sites Policy

Customers who login to Keeper with SSO, or customers who are on corporate networks that deploy group policies for Internet Explorer, ensure that the following entries exist in your Trusted Sites settings under Tools > Internet Options > Security.

US / Global Customers:


EU Data Center Customers (Dublin, Ireland):


Enterprise customers must push group policies to end-users with these Trusted Sites in order to fully function with SSO and other critical features.

KeeperFill for Internet IE runs as a tray service on your computer. If you stop this service, or if you need to restart the service, go to the IE Extension folder (typically under C:\Program Files (x86)\Keeper Security\Keeper Extension) and double-click KeeperService.exe.

Login to Extension

Consumer customers can login to the Keeper browser extension with the Keeper email address and Master Password. If you are part of an Enterprise rollout, you may be directed to login with your Enterprise SSO Login credentials.

On the Chrome browser, the extension will automatically login when you login to the Web Vault. Other web browsers may require you to login separately to the Vault and Browser Extension.

Master Password Login

For customers who login with SSO, you can type in the Enterprise Domain supplied by your Keeper Administrator.

SSO Login

Searching the Vault

You can search for any website login or other information stored in your Keeper vault from the KeeperFill extension. The search feature is case insensitive and will match any record within your vault.

Search Vault

Autofill Passwords

Clicking the Keeper lock allows you to quickly fill and login to the site. You can fill login and password by clicking on fill button or click on Show More to fill individual fields.

Autofill on Internet Explorer

Multiple Account Selector

If you have multiple logins for the same website, click on the dropdown to expand the selection and display all of the matching records.

Multiple Account Selector on IE

Creating New Records

To create a new login for a website, click on Create New. Keeper will also offer to save passwords as you type them on a website login screen.

Create New Record

Creating Secure Passwords

Click on the Dice to generate a secure password for this website. Customize the strength of the password and click Save.

Creating Secure Psaswords

Matching Records

To make sure KeeperFill is able to locate the record in your vault to fill, be sure to set the Website Address in your record to the same domain as the website (e.g. To match multiple domains, simply create additional Website Address custom fields in your record.

Payment Cards & Identity

KeeperFill can also fill payment cards and identity information that are stored in your Vault. Payment cards are only available for filling on websites which you currently have a Keeper record in your vault.

Payment Cards & Identity

Launching the Web Vault

To access the full Web Vault in your browser, click on the Vault icon. You can also access your vault from the Keeper Desktop application or any other mobile device.

Launching the Web Vault

Downloading Keeper Mobile & Desktop App

To install Keeper on your device or computer, visit our Download page:

If you need assistance, please contact the Keeper support team at