Tips & Tricks

This document provides access to our top "tips & tricks" and assists users in optimizing their experience with Keeper on both desktop and mobile devices.

Site Not Working with Browser Extension - Contacting Support

If you encounter a website that does not appear to be working with the Keeper Browser Extension, our Support Team is here to help.

  1. Right click on the password field you are attempting to autofill.

  2. Click Inspect.

  3. A secondary window will appear within the right side of your screen and the applicable elements will be highlighted.

  4. Use the snipping tool or screen capture tool/shortcut on your computer to capture the following images (combined or single screenshots):

    1. The login page of the website.

    2. The inspection window (being sure to include the portion of the inspection window that contains the highlighted elements).

    3. The full website URL (found in the search bar at the top of your browser).

  5. Along with your account type (e.g. enterprise, business, personal, etc.), email screenshot(s) to: and someone from our Support Team will be in touch with you.

Combined Screenshot of Login Screen, Inspection Window, and Website URL

KeeperFill Right-Click Context Menu

If a website form field does not display the Keeper lock icon, users can right-click on the field to produce a context menu with KeeperFill features. The context menu offers the ability to fill logins, payment cards, addresses and create new passwords.

Right-Click Context Menu

The KeeperFill Right-Click context menu provides the following features:

  • Filling record login fields

  • Filling payment card fields

  • Filling billing and address fields

  • Filling TOTP Codes

  • Creating a new record

  • Opening the extension window

  • Launching the Web Vault

  • Logging out of your account

Keyboard Shortcuts

If you prefer to use keyboard shortcuts instead of mouse clicks to make the process of auto filling your passwords even more seamless, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the site you would like to log in to.

  2. Type command+shift+k (for Mac OS) or alt+k (for Windows).

  3. In the field provided, begin typing your search terms.

  4. Use the up and down arrows on your keyboard to find and highlight the record you are searching for.

  5. Use the enter key to quickly fill and log in to the site.

One Record, Multiple Domains

Some sites have more than one domain (website address) that require the same exact login/password. If this is the case for any of your records, rather than creating an entirely separate record, KeeperFill allows you to store multiple website domains within one record. So no matter what domain you are logging in from, KeeperFill will recognize that domain as an alias and allow you to log in with the same stored credentials.

To store multiple website domains within a single record:

  1. While viewing the record, click Edit.

  2. Click the + Custom Field button.

  3. In Custom Field Name, enter a field name (e.g. Website Alias).

  4. In Custom Field Value, enter the site's alternate domain name.

  5. To finish, click Save.

  6. You can continue to repeat this process for additional domain names by clicking the + Custom Field button again.

Two-Factor Codes (TOTP)

Records that have a stored Two-Factor Authentication Code (TOTP) can be filled with KeeperFill.

Two-Factor Codes can also be filled from the context menu.

Two-Factor Code From Context Menu

Create Personal Vault from Business or Enterprise Account

If you've been invited to create a complimentary Keeper Unlimited account to securely store and access your personal credentials, follow the steps below to get setup.

  1. Log in to your Business or Enterprise Vault.

  2. Click your email address found in the top right corner.

  3. Select Account from the dropdown menu.

  4. Enter your personal email in the "Keeper Unlimited License for Personal Use" section.

  5. Click Send Email.

  6. This will create a separate, non-enterprise managed Vault which will be associated with your personal email address.

This Vault is for personal use only. All business-related credentials must be stored within your company issued Vault.