Stay Logged In

This guide reviews how to enable the new Stay Logged In feature and extend your Logout Timer setting.

Stay Logged In Overview

By default, users are logged out of Keeper if their browser closes, or if their computer restarts. Keeper's "Stay Logged In" feature allows you to instead remain logged into for a configurable duration. Read on to learn how to enable "Stay Logged In" in the Keeper Web Vault, Desktop App and the KeeperFill Browser Extension.

Web Vault & Desktop App

Sign into the Keeper Web Vault or Desktop App and open the Account Dropdown Menu (click on your account email). Navigate to Settings > Security then turn "Stay Logged In" on. If "Stay Logged In" is disabled, you will instead be logged out if your browser closes.
Turn on Stay Logged In
A pop-up will then recommend that you also enable the "Auto-Logout" setting, to protect your account if you walk away from your device. Also known as the Logout Timer, this automatically logs you out of Keeper after a period of inactivity. You can set this timer to the duration you prefer, and it continues to count down if you close your browser.
If you've downloaded the KeeperFill Browser Extension, you can manage the Auto-Logout setting from the extension's security settings menu (more on this in the section below).
Please note, these features may be disabled by your Keeper Enterprise Administrators.

Browser Extension

If you've downloaded the KeeperFill browser extension you can enable both the Stay Logged In and Logout Timer features from the extension's security menu.
Click Settings > Security and by toggling the switches, you can enable (or disable) Stay Logged In and Logout Timer. Additionally, you can set the Logout Timer to the duration you prefer.
For security reasons, we recommend setting a reasonable logout timer duration when "Stay Logged In" is enabled.
Logout Timer and Stay Logged In on Browser Extension
Please note, that your Keeper Enterprise Administrators may disable or limit this feature based on the security settings of your organization.


Keeper's Stay Logged In feature uses Login API V3. The user's Master Password is NOT stored on the device or computer when using the Stay Logged In feature. Keeper utilizes advanced encryption, session management tokens and device authorization capabilities to protect your vault.