Using Keeper TOTP with Office 365

How to use Keeper to manage TOTP codes for protecting your Office 365 accounts.

Microsoft 2FA Configuration

Keeper can protect Office 365 logins with our TOTP (time-based one-time password) feature. By default, Microsoft provides a different type of code which supports their push method. Below are the step by step instructions to setting up Office 365 TOTP code support properly.

In the steps below, the process is started from:

(1) From your Microsoft Azure / Office 365 Profile Screen, visit "Additional security verification".

Additional security verification

(2) Select "Use verification code from app or token" as your preferred option

Preferred option

(3) Click on "Set up Authentication app"

Set up Authenticator app

(4) Important: Click on "Configure app without notifications". If you don't do this, Keeper will not recognize the code.

Click on "Configure app without notifications"

(5) Scan the code from Keeper Desktop or mobile app

(6) Enter the verification code as displayed in your Keeper app

Enter verification code from Keeper Desktop or mobile app

Make sure to save the Keeper record before exiting the setup

(7) To ensure that Autofill works with Keeper we recommend adding several custom fields to your Keeper record as seen below.

Keeper vault record configuration

Logging in with TOTP Code

When logging into Microsoft Online, use Keeper's right-click menu as a simple way to fill the TOTP code.