Autofill & Passkey Setup for iOS

Setup guide for Keeper's autofill & passkey features, KeeperFill for Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad) devices.


Keeper is fully integrated into the login experience of every website and app using the Passwords button that appears above your device's keyboard.

Autofill supports the following features:

  • Passwords

  • Two-Factor (TOTP) codes

  • Passkeys

KeeperFill iOS Overview


Before you can utilize these autofill features, you will first need to perform a few simple setup steps:

  1. Open your device's Settings app.

  2. Scroll down and select Passwords.

  3. Tap Password Options and ensure "AutoFill Passwords" is toggled on.

  4. Select Keeper below both "Allow filling from" and "Set up Verification Codes using"

  5. Follow the prompt and uncheck all other password managers (including keychain).

To learn how to set up 2FA for websites and apps, click here.


Once the setup steps are complete, you will see a Passwords button appear above the keyboard when logging into an app or website. Tapping Passwords will launch KeeperFill.

If you subscribe to iCloud+, you may need to tap the key icon to the right of "Hide My Email" to open KeeperFill.

KeeperFill will present a matching record from your vault. Alternatively, you can search for a record or create a new record. If there is a record match, tap Fill to autofill your login credentials.

Two-factor codes will be automatically copied to your clipboard when possible. To copy a code manually, tap the copy icon next to the code and when prompted paste the code into the field provided.

Passkey Setup

Passkey Setup follows the same steps as turning on autofill however, the settings page on your device running iOS17+ will have updated verbiage to reflect the latest options.

  • Launch the Settings app on your iOS device and select Passwords.

  • Next, choose Password Options.

  • Toggle ON AutoFill Passwords and Passkeys.

  • Then tap Keeper so a blue tick appears. If you have used Autofill before, iCloud Passwords & Keychain may have a blue tick as well. For optimal accuracy when using Keeper for Passkeys, make sure to tap iCloud Passwords & Keychain to remove it as an option.


Once the setup steps are complete, websites or applications that support passkeys will either prompt you to create a passkey or will provide a setting in your account section to setup a passkey login.

  • Creating a passkey for a website or app is a simple process on your iOS device.

  • Tapping Create Passkey on a site or app will trigger Keeper to intercept the request. Keeper then prompts you to create a passkey for your associated login and saves it to your vault.

  • Returning to sites or apps where you have a stored passkey you will either be prompted to sign in with passkey or will be able to select Sign in with Passkey. Keeper does the rest!

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