System Requirements

The system requirements for each Keeper platform are listed below.


Keeper works on every smartphone, tablet and computer. Keeper supports popular browsers including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Brave and IE. Native app installation is available from the Keeper website and every public-facing app store (iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft Store, etc).


OS Version Supported


7 / 8 / 10+

Mac OS

Current Version - 2


Fedora, Red Hat, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Mint





Chrome OS

Current Version - 2

Internet Explorer



Current Version - 2


Current Version - 2


Current Version - 2


Current Version - 2


Current Version - 2

The latest Keeper downloads can be found at

Keeper Web Vault

The Keeper Web Vault is a fully featured web-based application. To access the Keeper Web Vault login, visit:

US Data Center:

US Public Sector / GovCloud:

EU Data Center: AU Data Center:

CA Data Center:

JP Data Center:

Keeper Desktop Application

Keeper Desktop is a cross-platform native desktop application for Windows, MacOS and Linux. Several installer files are provided at the links below.

  • Windows 10 AppInstaller (64 and 32-bit, supports Windows Hello): [Install Link] Command-line deployment:

    Add-AppxPackage -AppInstallerFile .\KeeperPasswordManager.appinstaller

  • Microsoft Store Version: [Microsoft Store Link]

  • Windows 10 MSIX Installer: [MSIX Installer Link] (Note: MSIX does not auto-update)

  • Windows 10 MSI Installer: [MSI Installer Link] (Note: MSI does not auto-update, no support for Windows Hello)

  • Mac OS .dmg [Install Link (.dmg)]

  • Mac App Store [Mac App Store Link] (Note: does not support iCloud Keychain import)

  • Linux Fedora, Red Hat, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu and Linux Mint: (Please refer to the below Download Page for the latest links) [Download Page Link]

  • Password Importer Standalone (Windows 10): [Install Link (.exe)]

  • Password Importer Standalone (Mac OS): [Install Link] Desktop App

Checksum / Hash

For file verification, Keeper Desktop SHA1 hashes are computed based on the most recent version and can be retrieved at the below URL:

Mobile App


Keeper for iOS can be installed directly from the App Store:


Keeper for Android can be installed from the Google Play application at the link below:

KeeperFill Browser Extension

The latest Browser extensions can be installed by users at the links below: Chrome, Brave, Opera: Firefox:



Enterprise Deployment

For Keeper Enterprise administrators, please see the link below for Enterprise deployment options:

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