Vault Offline Access
Offline access is a common use case for users who require vault access in poor network conditions.


Offline Mode allows users to have access to their vault from any device when they are not able to connect online to Keeper. This capability is available on Keeper's mobile app, desktop application and extended to Business users on popular web browsers.
The capability works by making a copy of your vault to your local device. The vault data is stored in an encrypted format which is only accessible if the user provides their Master Password or biometrics.
Multiple users can share a single device (e.g. a laptop PC) and all will have their vault stored safely on that PC when offline.

Platforms that Support Offline Access

Keeper Desktop App (Mac, Windows, Linux)
Web Browser
Web Vault (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge)
(Business customers only)

SSO User Setup

For users who normally login with SSO, the user must first configure a Master Password in order to login to Keeper when offline by visiting the Settings screen.
Master Password Setup for SSO Users
If this option is not available to you, please request this feature from your Keeper Administrator who can activate the capability from the Keeper Admin Console.
After the Master Password is configured, simply click on “Login with Master Password” from the Vault login screen to get access to the offline vault.
Click Login with Master Password
Alternatively, you can load in your web browser and the offline mode will be available.

Web and Desktop Vault

On the Web Vault and Desktop App, users will know if their vault is available offline via a “lightning bolt” icon indicating their data has been loaded on that device.
If the icon is not present then the user will need to login at least once while online. The "Remember Email" checkbox must also be checked by the user in order for the offline vault to be stored on that device. If not checked offline vault will not be stored.
Once logged in the user will know if they are offline by an “Offline Mode” text notice at that bottom of their vault.
Offline Mode Indicator
Not all vault features are available online, for instance users create any new vault content such as record or folders when offline.
Offline Mode Features
If the device is being used temporarily (e.g. a borrowed PC), then the stored offline vault can be deleted from that device by the user by clicking on the “x” button next to their email login name.
Deleting Offline Data
When logging in offline on a Web Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge), the user must navigate to this exact URL: (US) or (EU)