Manual Export from Chrome

This guide contains instructions on how to manually export saved passwords from Chrome and import them to Keeper.

IMPORTANT: Keeper can import password directly from your web browsers such as Chrome, using the automated import tool found in your Keeper Web Vault and Desktop App Settings. The import tool is an easy to use application that runs on your computer to quickly locate and import your passwords. Click here for further instruction on how to automate the import of your passwords from a web browser such as Chrome.

If you have attempted to use Keeper's automated import tool and have been unsuccessful, or you are running Linux OS, follow the directions below to complete the process manually. You will first need to perform a manual export of your passwords from Chrome and then import the file to Keeper as a Text File (.csv).

A popup will appear, click Export Passwords... and complete the necessary steps to save the passwords to your computer as .csv file.

From Keeper, click Settings > Import > Text file (.csv)

Drag and drop the exported file into the target window "Drop a File Here"

Use the dropdown menus to set the column headers to the following: Title, URL, Login, Password, then click Import

For more on importing from a text file (.csv) and field mapping click here.

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