Security Audit

Security Audit provides password security strength reporting in your vault.


The Security Audit screen gives the passwords stored in your vault an overall security score based on password strength. You can clearly view information about each record's password strength and reuse from this screen.

Calculation of Security Score

The calculation of password strength and reuse is performed continuously from your vault across all platforms including Keeper Desktop, Web Vault, iOS and Android devices.

Keeper's password "strength" is a calculated score based on the complexity of the password, with a score rating between 0 and 100 according to the metrics below:

Very Weak: < 20 Weak: 20-40 Good: 40-60 Strong: 60-80 Very Strong: 80+

For more information on how Security Scores are calculated, visit the following page:

You can easily view a record that contains a high-risk password by clicking on it from the provided list. To resolve the risk, you will be directed to change the password at the record's website and then update the corresponding record in your vault.

Click here to learn how to easily change your passwords using Keeper's browser extension, KeeperFill.

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