Helpful videos that demonstrate how to use the Keeper Password Manager with Twitter.

Record Creation, Launch, and Login

This video demonstrates how a Twitter record is first created in Keeper's Password Manager, launched into a web browser and how the user logs in using the Keeper browser extension.

Two-Factor Code Creation and Storage in Keeper

This video demonstrates how to enable two-factor authentication on Twitter and capture the QR code with the Keeper Desktop App (for Mac). The 2FA code is saved in the Keeper Twitter record and is automatically filled when the user logs in using the Keeper browser extension.

Mobile KeeperFill Two-Factor Login for iOS

This video demonstrates how to log into Twitter on your mobile device (iOS) using KeeperFill. Additionally, it illustrates the copy button and how it is used for two-factor authentication in conjunction with the autofill feature to input the 2FA code when prompted.

Password Change with KeeperFill

This video demonstrates how to change your Twitter password using the Keeper browser extension - KeeperFill. When visiting a site's "Change Password" form, you will receive a prompt from Keeper asking if you would like help changing your password. By clicking "yes", Keeper will walk you through a few quick steps to change your password and simultaneously update the record in your vault.

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