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Accessing KeeperFill on Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer

Consider Switching to Edge With IE Mode

From the Microsoft website: "Since 1/12/16, Microsoft no longer provides security updates or technical support for old versions of Internet Explorer."

Although Keeper maintains the Internet Explorer 11 extension, we recommend that customers stop using IE or consider the latest Microsoft Edge with "IE Mode" as documented here: If you still require the use of IE for legacy applications, please see the instructions below.

KeeperFill for IE installer is only available on request. After installing Keeper for Internet Explorer, you may need to perform the following actions:

Disable user names and passwords on forms:

  1. Exit and restart the browser to activate Keeper.

  2. Right-click along the top bar and ensure Command bar is selected for display.

  3. Open Internet Explorer, click on the Tools icon, then Internet Options.

  4. Click the Content tab.

  5. Under "AutoComplete", click on Settings.

  6. Disable 'User names and passwords on forms".

Disable enhanced protected mode & enable third-party browser extension:

  1. Open Internet Explorer, click on the tools icon, then Internet Options.

  2. Click on the Advanced tab.

  3. Under the "Security" section, ensure that enhanced protected mode is disabled.

  4. Under the "Browsing" section, Enable third-party browsing extensions.

IE11 - Trusted Sites Policy

Customers who login to Keeper with SSO, or customers who are on corporate networks that deploy group policies for Internet Explorer, ensure that the following entries exist in your Trusted Sites settings under Tools > Internet Options > Security.

US / Global Customers:


US Public Sector / GovCloud:


EU Data Center Customers (Dublin, Ireland):


AU Data Center:


CA Data Center:


JP Data Center:


Enterprise customers must push group policies to end-users with these Trusted Sites in order to fully function with SSO and other critical features.

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