Autofill Issues

How to provide information to Keeper support for fixing Autofill issues

If you're experiencing an autofill issue on a particular site, this page describes how to provide the support team with information to help resolve the problem. This information allows the support team to assist with solving autofill issues on websites which may not be easily reproducible by Keeper staff.

Add a Custom Text Field with a Label

From time to time, a username or password field may not properly autofill on a site. This can occur when a field name is not standard and Keeper does not recognize the field as an autofill field. In most cases, a username field is named "username" or something similar and a password field is named "password" or something similar. When field names are non-standard, you can adjust a record's custom fields to allow the field to autofill correctly on a particular site.

The following example will cover a scenario where a password field did not properly autofill.

(1) Right click on the field that is not properly autofilling with Keeperfill and choose Inspect.

(2) A window will appear showing HTML code with the password field element highlighted. Locate the name attribute, double click the value to highlight, and copy the value. In the below example, the value we want to highlight and copy is "FakePWField123".

In this example, we are creating a custom field for a password, but you can create a custom text field for any type of field, including username. A very common use case will be to use this functionality for autofilling reward program numbers or other less commonly used fields.

(3) In the Keeper record for the site, add a custom text field and edit the label. The label name in our example should be "FakePWField123". Enter the label and click Save.

(4) Copy or enter your password into the new custom field and save the record. The resulting record should look like this:

(5) Return to the site and refresh the page. In most cases, the problematic field should now autofill. If it does not autofill after completing these steps, please proceed to the next section to report your autofill issue.

Reporting Autofill Issues

To solve a website autofill issue that cannot be corrected with the custom field method, we need the following information:

  • Website Address (e.g.

  • Description of the problem

  • Screenshot or video

  • DOM inspection screenshot of ALL form field elements which do not work

Providing the DOM inspection of field elements can be accomplished using the steps below (using Chrome):

(1) Right-click on each field on the page and select Inspect

Right-clicking the form field element and clicking "Inspect" will open the web browser HTML inspector view.

(2) Screenshot the HTML content for the field

When the Inspection window opens, it will highlight the field HTML content in blue, as seen in the screenshot below. For each form field that is not recognized, capture the screenshot of the HTML in the inspection window.

(3) Send this information to Keeper Support

Please provide this information in your support ticket or email to report the issue. Please ensure that the screenshots do not contain any private or confidential information.

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