Free Family License for Personal Use

This guide provides an overview of how Enterprise and Business users can create a free, Keeper Family Plan and once created, how to easily switch between their Keeper accounts.

Create a Free Family Plan from a Business or Enterprise Account

All Keeper Enterprise users can create a free, Keeper Family Plan for up to 5 family members with unlimited devices. To create your personal vault, follow the steps below:

This vault is intended for personal use only. All business-related credentials must be stored within your company issued vault.

(1) Log into the Keeper Web Vault or Desktop App.

(2) Click on the Account Dropdown Menu (your email address).

(3) Select Account.

Account Dropdown Menu > Account

(4) Enter your personal email within the "Keeper Family License for Personal Use" section and click Send Email.

(5) Logout from your business vault on your browser by clicking on the Account Dropdown Menu > Logout.

Create Family Account

(1) Open the Keeper invitation sent to your personal email and click Verify Email Address.

Keeper Family Account Invitation via Email

(2) You will then be redirected to Sign Up by creating a master password for your personal account.

Sign Up for Personal Account

Important Note About Data Center Location

If you follow the link sent on your desktop computer, you'll be properly routed to the same geographic data center that is associated with your Keeper Business Vault. Therefore we recommend using your Desktop computer to create your personal Keeper Vault.

If you decide to use your mobile device for creating your personal vault, see the instructions below.

Creating Account on Mobile

If you decide to create your personal account on an iOS or Android device, please ensure you are in the correct data center location.

If you set up your personal Keeper account in the wrong region, you'll need to contact Keeper support to delete and re-create your account.

Data Center Selection

Confirming License Activation

After your personal account has been created, it will appear in your business vault Account Menu.

Personal License Activation Status

Important Notes Regarding Your Linked Personal Account

  • Your linked personal account is licensed as a Keeper Family Plan account with 10GB of secure file storage and BreachWatch dark web monitoring.

  • The company managing your Business vault does not have any access rights or ability to decrypt information stored in your personal vault.

  • Your linked personal account will remain free on unlimited devices for as long as the business account is active.

  • If you leave the business, or if the business does not renew their subscription with Keeper, your Family license converts into a Keeper Free subscription. You may continue to use your personal license on one device, or purchase a Family or Unlimited subscription for all of the premium features.

  • Your Business Admin may remove the ability to share records from the business vault to the linked personal vault.

This vault is intended for personal use only. All business-related credentials must be stored within your company issued vault.

Switch Between Accounts

You can easily switch between your business/enterprise and personal accounts on Keeper for Web Vault, iOS and Android.

From your Web Vault, click the Account Dropdown Menu (your email address) > Account > Switch Account.

You will then be redirected to sign into that account using your master password.

If you have not already logged into the account you would like to switch to on the device you are using, you will first need to tap Add Account and enter your login credentials. Once added, it will appear in the list of accounts that you can switch between.

Switch Account

Account switching is also available on iOS and Android.

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