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Web Vault & Desktop App

This Quick Start Guide will walk you through the setup steps and main features of Keeper for Web Vault & Desktop App, linking additional user guides throughout for a more detailed look.

Getting Started

This section will walk you through a few important setup steps that will help get you started and ensure you are up and running with Keeper in no time.

Account Creation

To create your Keeper account, first enter your email address then you will be asked to create and confirm a Master Password which will be the only password you have to remember. We recommend that you choose a strong Master Password that is only used for Keeper -- don't forget your Master Password!
To finalize your account and proceed to your vault, you will be asked to enter the security verification code that was sent to your email.
Create Your Keeper Account
Set Your Master Password
Upon logging in, you will be prompted to follow our Get Started wizard, which will guide you to import your passwords, install the KeeperFill Browser Extension and set up Account Recovery.
Create Your Account

Import Passwords

You can either manually enter your existing logins and passwords into your vault or Keeper can import your existing passwords directly from your web browser (e.g. Safari, Chrome, Firefox), another password manager, or from a text file (.csv).
To get started, click on your account email in the upper right corner of your vault window, then click Settings > Import.
  • For instructions on how to import from your web browser, click here.
  • For instructions on how to import from another password manager, click here.
  • For instructions on how to import from a text file (.csv), click here.
Import Tool
Import Your Passwords
You can also skip the password import process and proceed to creating new password records from scratch (see the "Create a Record" section in this guide).

Download KeeperFill

KeeperFill is Keeper's browser extension that autofills your logins and password into websites and apps. Click here to visit the Keeper website and download KeeperFill for your browser.
Keeper's Download Page
Browser-specific setup instructions and more information about KeeperFill can be found here:
Once downloaded, the KeeperFill Browser Extension will appear in the upper-right corner of your browser window (except for Safari).
KeeperFill Icon on Chrome
In Safari, the KeeperFill Browser Extension will appear left of center in your browser window.
KeeperFill Icon on Safari

Disable Your Browser's Password Saving Features

To make the most of Keeper's browser extension, we recommend that you disable your browser's built-in password saving features. Keeper provides a much more secure and seamless solution to save and autofill your passwords across all browsers, devices and computers.


Click your browser's menu icon, then click Settings > Autofill > Password Manager and ensure "Offer to save passwords" is toggled off.
Disable Password Saving on Chrome


Click your browser's menu icon, then Settings > Privacy & Security and ensure "Ask to save logins and passwords for websites" is unchecked.
Disable Password Saving on Firefox


Click Preferences... > Autofill then uncheck the boxes next to "Autofill web forms".
Disable Password Saving on Safari

Microsoft Edge

Click the browser's menu icon, then Settings > Passwords and ensure "Offer to save passwords" is toggled off.
Disable Password Saving on Microsoft Edge

Internet Explorer

Click the gear icon, then click Internet Options > Content and in the "AutoComplete" section, click Settings and turn off "Forms and Searches" and "User names and passwords on forms", click OK to finish.

Store All of Your Passwords in One Secure Place

Strengthen your account security and increase productivity by storing all of your passwords and private information as Records in your personal, encrypted Keeper Vault.

Create a Record

Click + Create New > Record.
  • Choose a Record Type from the dropdown menu ("Login" is the default type)
  • Enter a name for the Record and click Next
  • Enter the Login (Username or Email)
  • Enter the Password or click the dice icon to generate one (more on that here)
  • Enter the Website Address
  • Enter Notes, add Files & Photos, a Two-Factor Code and Custom Fields
  • Click Save to finish
Create a Record

Create a Folder

Click + Create New > Folder.
Create a Folder
Enter the name of the folder and click Create.
Drag-and-drop the record(s) you would like to store in the folder and click Move or Create shortcut.
Record Shortcuts = like alias files, can exist in two or more places and when edited, change together.
Move Records with Drag-and-Drop
Create a Folder

Create a Subfolder

Right-click on an existing folder and click New Folder.
Create a Subfolder
Enter the name of the subfolder and click Create.
Drag-and-drop the record(s) you would like to store in the subfolder and click Move or Create shortcut.

Never Have to Remember Your Passwords Again

Keeper generates and stores strong, random passwords for all of your sites and apps so you will never have to remember your passwords again.

Password Generator

While creating or editing a record, click the dice icon to generate a unique password. If needed adjust the character length and special character, and click Save to finish.
Password Generator
This will NOT automatically change the website's existing login password. You still must visit the corresponding website's "Change Password" form to update the old password to match the new, stronger password.

Securely Share Information

Securely create, share and manage records with family, friends and colleagues.

Share a Single Record

While viewing a record click Share.
Share a Record
Enter the email(s) of the user(s) you would like to share the record with, then select their permission type from the dropdown menu (if they are not already a Keeper user, they will be invited to create an account via email).
Share a Record and Set Permission Type
Permission Name
Permission Level
Can Edit
User can edit this record
Can Share
User can share this record
Can Edit & Share
User can edit and share this record
View Only
User can only view the record
Transfer Ownership
User will obtain ownership of the record and control all user permissions
Share a Record

Create a Shared Folder

Shared folders allow you to share multiple records at once and new records can be added to the folder as needed.
To create a Shared Folder, click Create New > Shared Folder.
Create Shared Folder
Choose where you would like to nest the folder using the dropdown menu and enter a name for the folder. Set the User and Folder Permissions and click Create.
New Shared Folder Creation
Learn more about Shared Folders here.
Create a Shared Folder

Boost Your Efficiency with KeeperFill

KeeperFill is our browser extension that autofills your logins and password into websites and apps.

Download KeeperFill

Click here to visit the Keeper website and download KeeperFill for your browser.
Download KeeperFill
Browser-specific setup instructions and more information for KeeperFill can be found below:

Autofill Logins & Passwords

In most browsers, if it is the first time logging into a site using KeeperFill, you will be asked if you would like Keeper to autofill your login, click Yes. Your credentials will then be autofilled into the login form.
Autofill with KeeperFill Prompt
If they are not automatically filled, click the Keeper lock icon located in the login field. Click Fill Record to fill your login or click Show More to view the record details and/or fill individual fields.
Autofill with KeeperFill
Autofill with KeeperFill

Create New Records

Keeper recognizes when you are at a site's login form and will prompt you to create a record if one has not yet been created for that site.
First, select a login from the list of recognized emails or click Add Login to enter a new one.
Create a New Record with KeeperFill
Next, enter your existing password for the site (or let Keeper help you create one) and click Yes to save the password and create a new record.
Save Password with KeeperFill
A preview of your new record will appear. Review the details and click OK or make changes as needed and click Save.
Preview of New Record
Clicking the Keeper lock in a site's login field will also give you the option to create a new record (if there are currently no records in your vault with a website address matching the site).
Create New Record with KeeperFill

Change Your Password with KeeperFill

Keeper will detect when you visit a site's "Change Password Form" (if you are signed in and there is a matching record in your vault) and you will receive a prompt asking if you would like help changing your password.
By clicking Yes, Keeper will walk you through a few quick steps to change your password and simultaneously update the corresponding record in your vault.
Change Password Prompt
  1. 1.
    Click the Keeper lock icon located in the field of the old/current password, click Next.
  2. 2.
    Click the Keeper lock icon .located in each field of the new password, click Next.
  3. 3.
    In the Keeper pop-up, click Save.
  4. 4.
    In the password form, click Save or Submit.
  5. 5.
    If the change was successful, click Yes.
If the password change was not successful, click No - Revert Change. This will reverse the password update just made to the corresponding Keeper record, allowing you to attempt the password change again.
Changing Your Passwords

Securely Store Payment Info for Faster Checkout

Identity & Payments is the place for you to store your personal contact/address information and credit card numbers safely, making checkout on websites and apps a breeze.

Store Personal Info & Payment Cards

From Identity & Payments enter a username and click + Phone Number and + Address. Enter the corresponding personal information and click Save to finish.
Add Personal Info
To store a payment card, click the Payment Cards tab, enter the card information and click Save to finish.
Add Payment Cards
You can also create a "Payment Card" Record by using the record type dropdown menu during record creation.
Store Personal & Payment Information

Autofill Payment Cards with KeeperFill

You can quickly access a "Payment Card" Record when you are at a payment screen by searching for it in the KeeperFill Browser Extension search bar. Simply click the Fill button to autofill the information into a payment field.
Autofill Payment Cards with KeeperFill
Alternatively, you can right-click in the payment field of a form to produce a context menu that allows you to access the KeeperFill features and autofill your payment cards.
KeeperFill Right-Click Context Menu

Protect Your Sensitive Files, Documents & Photos

Securely upload and store files such as passports, medical or credit cards, loan documents, photos and any other private file - making them easily accessible from your vault.

Upload a File or Photo

While creating or editing a record, click Files or Photos and select a file or photo from your computer to upload it.
Add Files or Photos to a Record
Alternatively, you can drag-and-drop the file directly from your computer desktop into the record.
File Upload with Drag-and-Drop
When the upload is complete, click Save. To view or download the file, click the download icon.
Download Files or Photos

Personalize Your Keeper Records with Custom Fields

Custom fields allow you to store other important data, like the answer to a site's security question.
Available Custom Fields:
  • Text
  • URL (website address) used for Autofill
  • Security Question & Answer
  • Multi-line Text
  • Date
  • Email
  • Name
  • Address (new or linked)
  • Pin Code (4-digit numeric)
  • Phone Number
  • Payment Card (new or linked)
  • Hidden Field

Create a Custom Field

While creating or editing a record, cick Custom Field.
Add Custom Field
Select the custom field you would like to add to the record.
Select Custom Field Type
Enter the field values and click Save to finish.
Security Question & Answer Custom Field
Keeper autofills the custom fields of login forms as long as both the Website Address and Custom Field Name of the Keeper record match those of the login form.

Add an Extra Layer of Security with 2FA

Keeper integrates seamlessly with all Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) methods including TOTP, SMS, Touch/Face ID, and U2F security keys. Use Keeper to store your sites' Two-Factor Authentication codes and KeeperFill will autofill them at your next login where 2FA is required.

Add a Two-Factor Code to a Record

Navigate to the site's Two-Factor Authentication page (usually located in the security settings) and follow the prompts to set-up an authenticator.
Once it's provided, screen grab/snip and save the QR pattern to your computer.
Set Up 2FA with Google Authenticator
In the corresponding Keeper record, click Add Two-Factor Code.
Add Two-Factor Code
Click Upload and select the QR code from your computer, then click Add.
Upload a QR Code to a Keeper Record
The Two-Factor Code will appear in the record and regenerate in real-time, click Save to finish.
Two-Factor Code
Hover over the Two-Factor Code to reveal the copy icon and click on it once to copy the code.
Copy a Two-Factor Code
At the website, finish setting-up the authenticator by pasting the copied code when prompted, Ctrl + v (Windows) or command + v (Mac).
The video below demonstrates how to add a Two-Factor Code to a record using the Keeper Desktop App instead, which can be downloaded here.
Two-Factor Code Integration with Keeper Desktop

Enable 2FA for Your Keeper Vault

Add an extra layer of security when logging into your Keeper Vault by setting up a Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) method.
Click your account email > Settings > Security and toggle Two-Factor Authentication on.
Account Email > Settings
Security > Two-Factor Authentication
Select a Two-Factor Authentication method and click Next, then follow the on-screen prompts to complete the setup (more on that here).
Select a 2FA Method
Whether you choose text message or an authenticator app as your 2FA method, Keeper offers the convenience of not having to enter the verification code every time you login. To enable this feature, select the "Don't ask again on this device" duration during setup and you will only have to enter the code once on each device you login into.
Select Two-Factor Code Duration

2FA Codes & KeeperFill

To fill a 2FA code, search for the record in the KeeperFill Browser Extension, click the dropdown arrow to reveal the record details.
Autofill 2FA with KeeperFill
Click the copy button next to the Two-Factor Code to copy and paste it into the code field.
Copy and Paste 2FA Code from KeeperFill
Alternatively, you can right-click in the code field of the form to produce a context menu that allows you to access the KeeperFill features and fill the two-factor code.
KeeperFill Right-Click Context Menu