Using Keeper Commander with SSH connections
For a full remote connection management tool that supports privileged sessions, session recording and other advanced capabilities, we recommend using our new product Keeper Connection Manager ("KCM").
KCM is an agentless remote desktop gateway that provides secure and effortless access to RDP, SSH, database and Kubernetes endpoints through a web browser.
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Keeper Commander can launch SSH connections utilizing content and metadata stored in a Keeper Vault record. The ssh command is used to make SSH connections. To use this command, pass it a record that holds the SSH connection details.

ssh command

Command: ssh
Detail: Establishes connection to external server using SSH.
record UID or path to a record
The SSH command is compatible with "SSH Key" and "Server" type records.
optionally a SSH endpoint in the following format:
If no record is provided to the ssh command, all the compatible records in your vault will be listed


Make a connection
ssh qTUzddtffRvsS1L8_ytO1A
See compatible records
My Vault> ssh
# Record UID Type Title Description
--- ---------------------- ----------------- ------------------------ -----------------------------------
1 xwwCv4We6JqYaw3qMdykYw serverCredentials Connection My_Login @
2 qTUzddtffRvsS1L8_ytO1A sshKeys SSH Connection My_Connection_Login @