Configuring the Bridge Connections

Configuration of Keeper Bridge connections

After logging into the Bridge, the main client application will launch.

Configuration Steps:

  • Configure the AD Connection or LDAP Connection

  • Authenticate against the Keeper Cloud

  • (Optional) perform Keeper Admin Login if automated team approvals are required.

On an LDAP service, several additional fields are required.

If automatic team approvals are preferred, encryption keys must be generated dynamically and shared to the appropriate team members. To perform this function, an Admin must login to the Keeper Bridge via the "Admin Login" button.

Once the Admin Login is complete, all status indicators show green.

Once the the Directory Service and Keeper Cloud are 'Online', the bridge will automatically publish on the configured Publish Interval schedule found on the Bridge Configuration Tab. If you do not want users to receive an email invitation during the initial onboarding process, prior to allowing the Bridge to publish, create a role enforcement to 'Disable email invitations'.

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