End-User Guides

Links to end-user guides for mobile and desktop devices.

End-User Guides

Once you've deployed Keeper to your users, they can reference our many end-user guides listed below for step-by-step instructions for Keeper's web, desktop and mobile applications.

  • iOS iPhone and iPad application including autofill setup.

  • Android Android phone and tablet user guide including autofill setup.

  • Web Vault & Desktop App Keeper Web Vault and native Desktop app for Mac, PC, Linux.

  • Browser Extensions KeeperFill browser extensions for all web browsers including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Brave and Opera.

  • Enterprise End-User Setup (Master Password Login) End-user guide specifically for users who login with a Master Password.

  • Enterprise End-User Setup (SSO Login) End-user guide specifically for users who login with SSO solutions such as Azure.

  • KeeperFill for Apps Native application autofill, auto-type keystroke automation and shortcut filling.

  • KeeperChat Native secure messaging application for iOS, Android, Mac and PC.

  • Sharing Guide focused on the various ways to share content in Keeper.

  • Record Types Usage guide on record templates and custom fields.

  • Importing A series of guides for migrating existing passwords from CSV files, or from other products such as 1Password, LastPass, KeePass, Dashlane, Bitwarden and many more.

  • Passkeys This is a guide to managing Passkeys in your vault. Passkeys are FIDO credentials that replace passwords with cryptographic key pairs for phishing-resistant sign-in security.

Enterprise End-User Welcome Video

This video provides a general overview of the Keeper platform for new end-users.

Keeper 101 Video Series

Additional videos for getting started with Keeper are available at the page below:


Co-branded Documentation

Do you require any additional documentation or user guides with your branding? Let us know. Email: business.support@keepersecurity.com.

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