Node to Managed Company Conversion Tool
Converting existing Enterprise Nodes to Keeper MSP Tenants


A client-side conversion tool is available to assist enterprise client's migration to the MSP platform. Some legacy customers are utilizing node isolation to host tennints / MC's within nodes of an enterprise instance. The client-side conversion tool allows a Keeper Administrator to convert nodes within the MSP instance to unique Managed Companies.
If you are an MSP running on an enterprise instance and would like information on updating to Keeper's MSP platform, please reach out to your sales rep for pricing and licensing.
NOTE: Do NOT use this tool if any advanced provisioning methods are in use within the nodes to be converted.
This tool performs a one-way “Node to Managed Company” conversion. Once a node is converted the operation cannot be reversed. Use caution when selecting nodes to convert, to insure they only contains users you want to move out of the MSP instance and into a Managed Company.

Tool Access

The tool is in the form of a web interface available here:


Node Prerequisites for Conversion

A node conversion candidate must meet the following conditions:
  • Insure you have adequate licenses of the correct type available within the license pool to host the new users.
  • The name of the node to be converted must not pre-exist as a Managed Company. The Manage Company instance will be created by the conversion utility.
  • The node (or a sub node thereof) to be converted must not contain any advanced provisioning methods: SSO, AD Bridge, etc.
  • All Users to be migrated to a new Manage Company must reside within the node to be converted. Any user within the node, will be removed from the MSP instance and added to the new MC.
  • All users within the node to be converted must be in an active state.
  • Users within the node to be converted, can only belong to "roles" and "teams" contained within the node to be converted.
  • Roles and teams within the node to be converted cannot contains users external to the node.
It is not uncommon for users within a node to be members of roles and/or teams located up in the root node. In this case, the roles/teams will have to be re-created within the node to be converted and user re-assigned accordingly. All users, roles and teams within the node will me moved to a new managed company.


Upon loading the webpage, users are greeted with a login dialog. The tool is restricted to users within the MSP's "Keeper Administrator" role only. To utilize the tool, the user must be a member of the default Keeper Administrator" role provided my Keeper.
Login Dialog

Interface overview

Conversion Steps

  1. 1.
    Ensure all prerequisites are met.
  2. 2.
    Select the "Plan" type for the new Managed Company.
  3. 3.
    Click the "hammer" icon next to the node to be converted.
  4. 4.
    If all prerequisites are met, the node will be converted and moved to the "Companies" section below the node section.
  5. 5.
    Post-conversion, click the "hammer" icon next to the newly created Managed Company to update /validate Team keys.
If all prerequisites are not met, the conversion tool will list out the conditions that need to be corrected. Correct the offending issues within the admin console then within the conversion tool, refresh the interface and re-attempt the conversion.
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