SCCM Deployment - Chrome

This page describes how to deploy the Keeper Browser Extension with SCCM

Deploying Keeper Chrome Browser Extension via SCCM

This is a general guide in which describes how to utilize SCCM, against Google Chrome templates, to deploy the Keeper Browser extension to all desired PCs in your organization.

Step 1: Configuration Item

Create a new Configuration Item. This can be done within the Configuration Manager console, in the Assets and Compliance work space. Give it a suitable name, like Keeper Browser Extension, and click Next.

Step 2: Platform Selection

Select the appropriate platforms in which this Configuration will apply to and click Next.

Step 3: Create New Settings Configuration

Create a new settings configuration by clicking New.

Configure the new settings, as shown below, and click OK.

  • Name: ExtensionInstallForcelist

  • Description: Keeper Browser Extension

  • Key Name: Software\Policies\Google\Chrome\ExtensionInstallForcelist

  • Value Name: 1 This number is unique. Are you planning on adding other extensions this way, these should be added as 1, 2, 3 and so forth

Step 4: Create New Compliance Rule

Now click on the "Compliance Rules" tab and click on New.

Configure the new compliance rules, as shown below, and click OK.

  • Name: Keeper Security Extension Compliance Rule

  • Description: Keeper Browser

  • Within the "the following values:" field, add the value "bfogiafebfohielmmehodmfbbebbbpei;" without the quotes.

  • Tick ON Remediate noncompliant rules when supported and Report noncompliance if this setting instance is not found

Click OK to create the new compliance rule.

Click Close to finish the new configuration item wizard.

Step 5: Configuration Baseline

In order to deploy this Configuration item, you need a baseline unless you have an existing baseline you would rather use.

If you have an existing baseline you would rather use, proceed to ?.

Create a new Configuration Baseline in the Configuration Manager console, in the Asset and Compliance work space. Give it a suitable name and click Add > Configuration Item.

Add your newly created Keeper Browser Extension Configuration Item, shown within the Available Configuration Items pane and click OK.

Finish creating the new Configuration Baseline by clicking on OK.

Step 6: Deployment

Finally!!!! The Configuration Baseline containing the Keeper Browser Extension Configuration Item needs to be deployed. When deploying a baseline, remember to tick ON the Remediate noncompliant rules when supported. Also, consider how often the compliance should be evaluated. For ex: Group policies updates, by default, every 90 minutes. If this is replacing a GPO, consider to lower the policies update interval. Click OK to complete the configuration baseline.

Step 7: End user experience

Once the SCCM client has updated its policies, per device, and the Configuration Baseline has run, on a target client device, open Google Chrome and navigate to chrome://policy to see all policies that are applied. If you applied policy settings on the local computer, policies should appear immediately.

You can also check your extension by navigating to chrome://extensions and ensuring your extensions are being forcefully installed.

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