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Backend API Version 16.2.8

Released on Oct 18, 2021

Bug Fixes

  • KA-4220: GovCloud Email device approval link broken
  • KA-4219: GovCloud Change Email Address function broken
  • KA-4255: GovCloud Change Master Password email notifications not being sent
  • KA-4364: Account Transfer of Read Only direct record shares to transferee get elevated permissions (edit/share) for transfer recipient

Features and Improvements

  • KA-4264: API to convert non-type records to Record Types
  • KA-4280: Added Compliance Reports event logs to Advanced Reporting & Alerts module
  • KA-4298, KA-4300: Vault Transfer support for Record Types records (in Admin Console)
  • KA-4316: Better handling of connection timeouts when setting up the Keeper Automator
  • KA-4350: Added support for Devo (SIEM provider)