Browser Extension Version 16.9.0

Releasing April 2024

Major UI Improvements

An entirely refreshed Browser Extension experience.

Records now appear directly on your homepage.

New, simple ways to find what you're looking for.

Easily fill credentials with Suggested records that match the website you're on.

Sort records by most recently used, name, or date modified. Filter by Favorites, record type, and more.

Favorite records will appear on top when more than one Suggested record is shown.

Create records with a click.

Start from scratch with the Create Record (+) button, or Quick Add a record by clicking (+) Add Record when no suggested records are found. Quick adding a record will auto-generate Title and URL based on the website you are on.

Know which account you are on with a glance.

Especially helpful for users who switch between Business and Personal accounts.

Streamlined user interface.

Tools and Settings have been consolidated into an easily-accessible Options menu.

Other Improvements

BE-5535: Gave users the ability to entirely disable Form Field Icons (The Keeper icons that appear inside of fields) without having to disable autofill and auto-submit functionality.

BE-5489: Released Manifest Version 3 to 70,000 users.

Manifest V3 is the latest standard for Chrome extensions. All extensions are required to migrate to V3 before June 2024 to ensure that they meet new security requirements. More on that here: Chrome Support - Manifest Version 3

BE-5523: Added a security measure to prevent KeeperFill from detecting and filling into HTML elements in the body of emails.


BE-5457: Fixed an issue where when users with expired trial accounts clicked “Upgrade Now” button in the extension, two tabs were opened instead of one.

BE-5456: Fixed an issue where the US Government Access Notice fails to appear if the datacenter is changed to US (GOV) with keyboard navigation.

BE-5446: Fixed an issue where master password was being asked for more than once when attempting to log in via SSO + Yubikey 2FA.

BE-5431: Fixed an issue where an error message was not reappearing when user’s master password was entered incorrectly more than once.

BE-5429: Fixed an issue where the Fill button was displayed on records that did not contain a URL.

BE-5509: Fixed an issue where the extension was using more memory than expected in certain scenarios where multiple tabs were opened and closed.

BE-5439: Fixed an issue where more than one popup was being displayed when attempting to fill Payment information into cross-domain iFrames.

BE-5427: Fixed an issue where, when using dark mode, text entered into the search field was unreadable due to font color matching the search field’s background color.

BE-5512: Fixed an issue where updates to a record’s favicon did not take effect immediately after a URL was added to or removed from the record.

BE-5185: Added a missing translation in Change Password flow.

BE-5526: Fixed detection issues causing Keeper icons to display in non-applicable fields in Figma, such as text size

BE-5468: Site Specific Fixes

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