KCM Version 2.19.0

Release ETA June 2024

New Features

Important License Changes

As part of the upgrade to KCM 2.19, customers will now be required to obtain a license key from Keeper in order to continue the use of Keeper Connection Manager (KCM). Without a valid license key, users and admins will be unable to use KCM after the update is applied.

This is a new process and the appropriate steps to maintain access to KCM are outlined below.

To obtain a license key, please contact Keeper Support directly at: https://www.keepersecurity.com/support.html

Upon request, Keeper will generate and send a copy of your license key.

To configure KCM with your license key, follow the steps below that adhere to your installation type.

  • If using the kcm-setup.run setup script, you will be prompted to enter the license during setup. Existing deployments can be updated to use a license by using the reconfigure command of kcm-setup.run.

  • If using the keeper/guacamole Docker image, you must provide the license as the value of the KCM_LICENSE environment variable. If the license will be present within a file in your container, you may alternatively use the KCM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable to point to that file.

  • If using the RPM packages, you must provide the license as the sole contents of /etc/guacamole/kcm.license, which must be readable by the guacamole group.

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