iOS Version 16.10.5

Released May 13th, 2024

New Improvements:

  • iOS-7243: Improved Logout Button Placement - Users can now find a logout button directly on the iOS Account Page and within the left drawer (Hamburger menu), making it more convenient to securely exit the app.

  • iOS-7244: Removal of Gift Box Icon for Paid Users - We've removed the Gift Box icon from the vault screen for users with a paid subscription to streamline the interface and focus on essential functionalities.

Bug Fixes:

  • IOS-7286: Restored the "Protect My Business" menu item for enhanced access to business security features.

  • IOS-6754: Fixed date formats to adhere to local region settings, enhancing global usability.

  • IOS-7274: Corrected the error message for incorrect SSO domain submissions.

  • IOS-7273: Resolved unintended display of bank account records on the vault screen at launch.

  • IOS-7139: Ensured iOS app honors 12hr and 24hr 2FA settings as configured in the admin console.

  • IOS-7278: Disabled the ability for expired users to add new records via Siri Shortcut.

  • IOS-7282: Removed outdated "Protect a Friend" referral from Enterprise account Help menus.

  • IOS-7288: Fixed the non-display of the "Turn On" banner in My Vault post-account expiration.

  • IOS-7290: Addressed visibility issues of newly created V3 login records without a full sync.

  • IOS-7292: Fixed the reset of list view to folder view upon user logout.

  • IOS-7293: Corrected text overlapping on the new trial banner when selecting record options.

  • IOS-7296: Resolved dependency of expiration date format on emergency checks.

  • IOS-7298: Eliminated incorrect Business Starter Upsell displays for unlimited accounts in specified regions.

  • IOS-7299: Fixed incorrect banner display for active free trial users on first login.

  • IOS-7307: Addressed sync issues for enterprise users in certain locales due to date format errors.

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