Android Version 16.8.30

Released April 19, 2024

Bug Fixes:

  • AN-8256: Fix for expired paid user logging into fresh app install.

  • AN-8266: Update for Create button when KeeperFill login and move into main app.

  • AN-8264: Display fix for Breachwatch pop-up after purchase.

  • AN-8258: Fix for clicking on a shared record as an expired user.

  • AN-8344: Fix for navigating into a record before the activity dialog is displayed.

  • AN-8392: Adjustment for proper display when active & expired trial account clicks Breachwatch.

  • AN-8395: Expired trial displays both “Trial has ended” and “Record Limit Reached”.

  • AN-8394: Fix for expired user attempting to upload a file, show proper dialogue.

  • AN-8393: Update for 24 Hour warning during trial period.

  • AN-8400: Proper display when in an expired Unlimited Family state.

  • AN-8402: Fix for duplicate dialog display when creating account.

  • AN-8244:Fix for username field triggering autofill in Chrome.

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