iOS Version 16.10.2

Released April 19, 2024

Bug Fixes:

  • iOS-7252: Fix for loading animation when switching from a biometric enabled account to one without biometric login enabled at login screen.

  • iOS-7223: Update to expired paid options with KeeperFill.

  • iOS-7215: Fix for saving payment records that are created with KeeperFill.

  • iOS-7225: Adjustment for list view when the Passkey filter is applied.

  • iOS-7227: Update information for API declarations as required by Apple.

  • iOS-7229: Fix for pop-up “Great Decision!” banner display.

  • iOS-7231: Fix for infinite spinner on deleted items tab during free trial.

  • iOS-7232: Fix for deleting records during an expired trial causing a corrupt file.

  • iOS-7233: Update for “Not Backed Up” banner pop-up display.

  • iOS-7235: Fix for “Restore Purchase”, inconsistent activity if restore fails.

  • iOS-7236: Update for proper pop-up display for expired users with more than 10 records.

  • iOS-7239: Design update, first time login unlimited display.

  • iOS-7240: Design update, Fix for KeeperFill alert.

  • iOS-7241: Adjustment to padding on “Get Backed Up” design.

  • iOS-7242: Fix for hourly display after expiration.

  • iOS-7246: Fix for passkey translation when native language changed.

  • iOS-7238: Adjustment to “Renew” button storage size.

  • iOS-7255: Remove duplicated upgrade options in drawer for Unlimited & Family users.

  • iOS-7256: Design fix, removed extra row in attachment menu.

  • iOS-7257: Translation: Autofill limits for Svenka and Suomi.

  • iOS-7261: Fix for missing storage alerts when logging in as Administrator.

  • iOS-7265: Expired Trial warning fix, updates ‘hours remaining’ display.

  • iOS-7267: Fix for specific region accounts with 2FA.

  • iOS-7266: Adjustment to FaceID toggle after multiple failed attempts.

  • iOS-7269: Expired Unlimited fix, proper design display for upgrade.

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