Browser Extension Version 16.6.3

Released on Aug 30, 2023


  • BE-5158: Searching from the "filter matching" screen will search the entire vault

  • BE-4986: Copy button added to Notes field

  • BE-5166: Auto-submit option is now default to OFF

Bug Fixes

  • BE-5227: Autofill from clicking Launch on Web Vault is not auto-filling

  • BE-5240: FIDO2 key login to Admin Console not working on Firefox

  • BE-5237: Moving a record between shared folders makes it disappear from Autofill

  • BE-4975: A team-enforced privacy screen applies the privacy screen to the record owner

  • BE-4969: Teams with "Hide Shared Folders" restriction are not hiding records in extension

  • BE-5217: Best Buy passkeys are not working on Firefox

  • Hundreds of site-specific bug fixes

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