KCM Version 2.18.3

Released April 13th, 2024

This latest release updates to Keeper's latest GPG signing key (relevant only to RPM-based installs), updates to the latest compatible versions of all dependencies, and addresses the following issues.

Bug Fixes

  • KCM-332: Incorrect timeout behavior while RDP connections are waiting for the user to enter their credentials.

  • KCM-309: Confusing prompt wording in kcm-setup.run regarding the customer's KCM server's domain, which is not necessarily a public-facing FQDN under all circumstances.

  • KCM-339: Incorrect handling of the (attribute) suffix when importing connections from CSV.

  • KCM-341: An "Unable to create injector" error that prevents the "Encrypted JSON Authentication" extension from loading, regardless of how it has been configured.

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