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Browser Extension Version 16.0.0

Released on Sep 27, 2021


  • Updated User interface, added workflow optimizations around filling and viewing sites.
Browser Extension main screen
Address record in the Browser extension
  • 🇺🇸
    Support for the Amazon AWS GovCloud environment. Keeper is currently FedRAMP in-process and public sector entities can now establish their Keeper tenant in the GovCloud environment. Contact the public sector sales team at [email protected] for more information.
  • Enhanced 508 Accessibility / Ergonomics support with high contrast themes, larger fonts, better visibility and generally a cleaner layout. Support for screen readers and Keyboard navigation have also been improved.
Keyboard navigation throughout the extension
  • Our password generator has has its special characters set expanto this set:
    !@#$%()+;<>=?[]{}^., Adding more special character is a balance between generating the most secure password possible, and ensuring the passwords generated do not cause issues on websites, this evolution increases our password entropy.

Bug Fixes

  • BE-4068: Disable Stay Logged In enforcement not allowing user to turn off the setting.
  • BE-4138: Better handling of the password strength slider
  • BE-4141: Master Password re-entry feature broken on enforcement
  • BE-4139: Auto-submit on
  • BE-4085: Logout timer with blank input logs out of the extension
  • BE-4100: Extension remembers email when Remember Email is Off