Browser Extension Version 15.3.7
Released on Aug 9, 2021. Merged with 15.3.6.


    BE-4073: Increased the number of special characters to this set: [email protected]#$%()+;<>=?[]{}^.,
    BE-3898: Improved the clarity of the account selection when changing a password.
Change Password Prompt
    The right-click context menu is now usable on the entire page, not just over form fields.

Bug Fixes

    BE-4097: The TOTP code on the browser extension is sometimes different than the Web Vault value.
    BE-3995: Better handling of expired Enterprise accounts
    BE-3935: Wells Fargo login with Single Click Fill
    BE-2107: PNC Bank autofill
    BE-3721: autofill
    BE-3404: ZenQMS autofill
    BE-3781: Kaysera autofill
    BE-2215:, sainsburys
    BE-4054: Compatibility with sites that use
    BE-4060: autofill
    BE-3615: Fixed interference with Vimeo .woff files
    BE-4083: Display if the user's account is throttled
    BE-4095: When there is one username field and 3 password fields, autofill fails
    BE-3397: Autofill on AT&T business portal
    BE-4065: Autofill on
    BE-4063: Autofill on
    BE-4062: Autofill on
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