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Vault Version 15.0.10
Published on December 8, 2020

Special Notes

    Password Complexity requirements are checked upon every login, not just during Master Password Reset. If you have a user being asked to change your Master Password, they are likely using a password that does not meet the policy requirements.
    Keeper prompts for 2FA prior to Master Password entry. This is part of our new Login V3 security model.

New Features

    VAUL-4470: Addition of "Stay Logged In" on the Settings > Security screen.
    VAUL-4539: Automated Safari / iCloud Keychain password import


    KDE-868: Improved handling of KeeperFill for Apps filling through ConnectWise Control
    KDE-951: Improved handling of Microsoft 2FA token when scanning into the vault record
    KDE-870: Implementation of more secure "Copy" feature utilizing Microsoft API (Learn More)
    KDE-948: Allow KeeperFill for Apps widget to be moveable
    KDE-950: Implement basic keyboard navigation for KeeperFill for Apps menu system
    VAUL-4499: Increase length of Password Generator maximum length
    VAUL-4190: Right-click on "My Vault" to provide quick functionality within the vault
    VAUL-4495: Direct all new users to install of v15 Browser Extension instead of v14
    VAUL-4470: Improved handling of "Stay Logged In" feature across Vault, Desktop App and Extension
KeeperFill for Apps v15.0.10: New Features

Bug Fixes

    VAUL-4502: Very large Keepass imports timing out
    VAUL-4492: Duo Push not adhering to 2FA duration setting for re-prompt
    VAUL-4511: PDF Export failing with error

Stay Logged In

This feature keeps the user's session active for the amount of time as set by their Logout Timer, even between browser and computer restarts.
For example if your logout timer is set to 30 minutes, you'll stay logged into Keeper for 30 minutes no matter which browsers you open and close, or if you restart your computer. "Stay Logged In" has been our most highly requested feature from customers.

Turning Off Stay Logged In

If you don't want this feature enabled, and you would like to disable this capability for yourself or all your users, there are two ways of controlling it:
(1) From the Admin Console go into the Role > Enforcement Policies > Account Settings and turn on the "Disable Stay Logged In" option. This will restrict the feature for users in the role and they will be unable to turn this feature on.
(2) For your own account, open the Keeper Desktop Application and go into Settings > Security and turn off Stay Logged In.
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