Vault Version 16.0.1
Released on May 21, 2021
This is a bug fix release that mainly focuses on the new Record Types feature (still in beta). Therefore most customers are not affected by the bug fixes listed below.

Bug Fixes

    KDE-1077: Logout from KeeperFill for Apps generates an error
    KDE-1067: Record Type creation not using the generated password
    VAUL-4811: Australia data center link to Keeper Importer generates 404
    VAUL-4784: Edit button missing
    VAUL-4790: Decryption issue with Linked Record Types
    VAUL-4786: Privacy Screen is hiding notes and custom fields
    VAUL-4789: Uploading large number of files produces "throttle" errors
    VAUL-4791: Decryption errors inside Shared Folders with Record Types
    VAUL-4667: Error message when using Account Recovery flow
    VAUL-4524: BreachWatch status failure with "status 400"
    VAUL-4787: Vault grid view now showing new Record Type icons
    VAUL-4800: Sharing and Emergency Access showing confusing messages
    VAUL-4805: Deleting shared record not showing in Deleted Items
    VAUL-4810: Newly attached files not creating record links, produces error with Record Types
    VAUL-4825: BreachWatch admin reports not getting updated


    KDE-1072: Update Electron Framework to 12.0.6
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