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Commander v16.2.2

Release Oct 1, 2021

New Features and Improvements

Edit Role Enforcements
  • KC-272: Enterprise: Edit role enforcements
It is now possible to edit role enforcement policies in Commander. See the Documentation for details.
  • KC-229: Import/Export Records with Types
Records can now be imported with record types
  • KC-286: Import LastPass' Shared Folders
Importing directly from LastPass now shares any shared folders with corresponding Keeper accounts. See the Documentation for details.
Secrets Manager (Beta)
  • Secrets Manager: New format of One-Time token
  • Secrets Manager: Added ability to generate config string in Json or Base64.
Other Improvements
  • KC-122: Title/URL display options in audit-report
  • KC-259: Fix some account restrictions: Expired Master Password, Accept Account Transfer