Vault Release 16.10.3

Released on August 10, 2023


  • VAUL-5688: Support for Passkey record fields. Managing passkeys requires browser extension 16.6.0 which was released on Aug 7, 2023. Learn more about passkeys here.
  • VAUL-5977: Support for RESTRICT_IMPORT_SHARED_FOLDERS enforcement policy which will prevent users from importing shared folders from LastPass. See the Admin Console role enforcement policies to enable this setting.
  • VAUL-5502: Support for new paginated sync system on the backend API
  • VAUL-5999: Support for Swedish and Finnish languages
  • VAUL-5628: Date fields are searchable
  • VAUL-5580: Email addresses are auto-sanitized when pasting into sharing screens

Bug Fixes

  • KDE-1376: Desktop app can get stuck when the main app is closed too quickly
  • KDE-1381: Offline records not syncing up properly in Linux
  • KDE-1382: RPM desktop installer not compatible with RHEL9
  • VAUL-5726: Deleted items is missing right-click option
  • VAUL-5761: Remove RSA SecurID from GovCloud environment
  • VAUL-5960: Right Click New Shared Folder - Records are not being added to folder
  • VAUL-5945: After changing master password, user can login offline with old master password
  • VAUL-5981: TOTP URIs with leading white space are not parsed correctly by the vault
  • VAUL-5899: Large vault search speed is causing delays
  • VAUL-5986: Advanced search needs to dismiss results upon hitting <enter> key
  • VAUL-5983: The record owner is restricted from viewing the password on a V2 record that utilizes the enterprise domain enforcement
  • VAUL-5933: 508 compliance items (ensure image tags have alt attributes)
  • VAUL-5957: Drag/Drop file in the vault is adding to the prior record created
  • VAUL-5966: Drop target incorrect when file is dropped into the vault
  • VAUL-5968, VAUL-5969: Additional 508 compliance items
  • VAUL-5994: Select a shared folder and select a record not in the shared folder, right click and delete both. Vault will white screen.
  • VAUL-6053: Vault scrolls unexpectedly when clicking a folder
  • VAUL-6105: Security Audit: "reused" count includes owned records w/ the same password as a non-owned record
  • VAUL-6094: Multiple Share Relationship Invites are being sent after acceptance

Other Changes

  • VAUL-5899: Improved loading and search speed for large vaults
  • KDE-1343: Remove the deprecated browser extension for Safari users, point users to the new App Store version of the Safari extension
  • VAUL-6110: Removed the manual on/off toggle for logout timer. Users must specify a time (in minutes).
  • VAUL-5947: Account recovery setup is removed during the onboarding for SSO users.
  • VAUL-6143: If onboarding is disabled through role policy, disable any browser extension popup messages that lead to an installation.