Browser Extension Version 16.7.6

Released January 26, 2024

Bug Fixes

  • BE-5382: the Keeper lock icon was appearing on unexpected, unapplicable fields (fields other than login, email, password, etc.)
  • BE-4634: On Firefox, the Keeper app was not working on 'saved' websites that were automatically launched during Firefox startup
  • BE-5390: Keeper icons were not appearing on 'startup' pages that automatically launched during Chrome startup
  • BE-5371: Search results in the main Browser Extension window were capped at 10 results if user navigated to "Settings" after performing a search
  • BE-5388: The browser extension was unexpectedly filling forms populated by the ActiveInbox extension in Gmail
  • BE-5384: The change password prompt was not appearing when Azure's change password flow was launched from the Security Info tab
  • BE-5417: Some users' clients were invoking a translate function before store setup
  • BE-5424: The Security setting for "stay logged in" was unable to be updated for some users
  • BE-5488: When launching a new tab from the extension, Keeper would previously clean up the URL before launching it; this change has been reverted, and Keeper will now launch the exact URL stored in your vault
  • BE-5435: When using the Keeper Admin Console, some users were incorrectly receiving prompts from the Browser Extension
  • BE-5453: The Generate Password create-a-record flow was not automatically prepending "https://" in the URL as intended
  • BE-5313: Keeper lock icon was incorrectly displaying in Gmail's search bar when Gmail was being used in certain languages (e.g. Deutsch)
  • BE-5451: The prompt appearing after the change-a-password-via-Keeper flow was completed was missing certain elements
  • BE-5419: On certain websites, the Browser Extension was conflicting with Microsoft Editor: Spelling & Grammar Checker


  • BE-5389: Slight adjustment to the placement of an accessibility settings toggle
  • BE-5416: In Browser Extension search results, the default payment card indicator was changed color from grey to green
  • BE-5415: In dark mode, Green indicator color was not consistent across screens
  • BE-5412: In dark mode, the color of certain text elements made them difficult to read
  • BE-5410: The color of password complexity checkmarks were changing based on theme color, when they are intended to remain blue


  • BE-5393: Certain popups were unable to be navigated using keyboard controls
  • BE-5411: Users were unable to perform certain navigation with keyboard controls in the Browser Extension's Generator History screen
  • BE-5391: Adjusted color of a few elements in dark mode to meet compliance requirements

Site-Specific Fixes (BE-5395)