Android Version 16.0.5

Release ETA March 4, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • AN-7094, AN-7097: Record deletion bugs
  • AN-7109: Record Type icons showing "general" icon in security audit screen
  • AN-7091: No ability to edit the label of a multi-line custom field
  • AN-6907: Password Change / Zoom feature added back for Typed Records
  • AN-7110: Record Type values appear in record when blank
  • AN-7125: No error dialog when trying to share with already shared user
  • AN-7121: Wrong font displayed on Changed Password dialog
  • AN-7098: TOTP field countdown animation stops running after switching apps
  • AN-7082: 2FA on/off switch shows the wrong value for a second
  • AN-7149, AN-7166, AN-7122, AN-7164, AN-7192, AN-7185, AN-7184: Various small Record Types bugs
  • AN-7201: Cannot save some Record Types with just a title
  • Various crashes